One meter cloth sells for tens of thousands? Take a look at the world's top fabrics!
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One meter cloth sells for tens of thousands? Take a look at the world's top fabrics!

The top fabrics on the market not only work hard on the raw materials, but also mix with 18K gold thread, diamond powder and other decorative materials. A variety of factors superimposed together, the price of a meter cloth is not a miracle. Today, let's take a look at the world's top fabrics.



DORMEUIL was born in France in 1842. The factory is located in England. It has a history of 170 years, especially famous for its lattice.

Some people praised DORMEUIL: the post-processing technology is so good that Duomei's 100 thread pure wool suit fabric feels more gorgeous than 120 or even 140 pieces elsewhere.


DORMEUIL selects only the quality of wool and knits it with the most skilled craftsmanship. The first secret is the delicate texture of the fabric: 14.5 microns.

The second is the traditional weaving method, which uses a unique British wool finishing method and is washed with the purest water in Yorkshire.


One of the fabrics developed by doumeuil is a blend of cashmere, vicuna and mohair, called guanashina.


DORMEUIL has a rare and precious Royal qiviuk fabric made of musk cow hair. Musk cow hair is extremely light, softer than silk, and 8 times more warm than ordinary wool. In addition, the collection of musk cattle hair needs to wait until the snow melts every spring. The hair left by musk cattle in the trees and shrubs is collected by special personnel. Royal qiviuk only produces 1000 meters per year, so it is very precious and may not be bought with money.


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